Hawaii's premiere Heavy Metal Band throughout the 1980's!!

You’ve probably noticed by now that this web site is gone. Well, such is life on the ever changing web. Don't fret!! When time permits or if Peter Crane ever surfaces from deep within the ’show me state’ to send me the old files (hint, hint) we will rebuild the site in all it's glory. 

In the meantime, all 3 Sacred Rite discs are available at  www.Caterine-Music.com, www.CDBaby.com  and iTunes

Connect with Sacred Rite at www.myspace.com/SacredRite

Connect with the members of Sacred Rite:

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Though Sacred Rite is but a distant memory –so many of you have written emails and chatted with me on Facebook. In 1986 who would have ever thought we would be communicating in real time with our fans from around the world after the turn of the century. Also, I was overwhelmed by all the kind regards we received after Kevin’s death in 2002.

You keep Sacred Rite alive. Thank you all ! ! !


                                                                                                                                          ~Jimmy Caterine~